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Onboard Retail

Retail management designed to deliver results and lift your program to new heights. Easy to use technology providing a streamlined sales experience onboard.

  • Integrated Management Services
    • Fully Outsourced Solutions
    • Management of Retail Sales Data, Sourcing and Procurement
    • We have Services to Meet Your Needs
  • Food and Retail Product Selection
    • Product Mix Optimization
    • Optimized Boarding Quantities Based on Consumption Patterns
  • Hardware
    • More than 15 million devices in market today
    • Easy to use, ruggedized devices
    • Same devices can be used for Duty Free and Inventory Scanning/Tracking
  • Results Monitoring
    • Sales Tracking
    • Product Usage
    • Customer Request Tracking/ Flight
    • Crew Commission/ Incentives Tracking
  • Cash Management
  • Merchant Account - Credit Card Processing Solutions
  • Training and Change Management
    • Software and Devices